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Who We Are

Zarvan Services is an information technology company that specializes in providing industry-focused solutions integrated with leading-edge security to clients in the private sector businesses, government, educational & financial services. Zarvan Services offerings include security solutions, host & domain registration, outsourcing, database & application development, website and online application design.

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About Us

Our philosophy is based on honesty, enthusiasm, respect, growth, quality, and service. These values guide the way we manage our business and the way we service our clients. When our clients win, we win. Successful clients drive the growth of our business, hence our focus on client satisfaction not just as an outcome, but as a means of executing throughout our journey together.

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Our Services

Our Key Features

All colors have their special beauties. But in some applications and systems their colors don't look very good. The reason is not the color itself because of the improper use of that color. A color when used in the app without thought or creativity. It may make the app look bad. It may look good in one app but the other parts may not match the color. Big buttons for small text and ... To create a fit between text and different parts, you need a creative design team. Zarvan Service Company works successfully with creative design consultants

Some applications are made by non-technical and novice people. Many elementary solutions have been used, and the developer has tried to build the app in every way, even by breaking the coding standards. Violation of these standards may make the application difficult for later. For example, if we were later asked to update the app or add new features. Non-standard programming is causing us problems. Because only the programmer himself knows how to write, and only he can update it himself. Failure to adhere to the standards of some frameworks may cause security problems for that website or application. Zarvan Service Company will carry out its projects in accordance with good standards

With the advancement of technology, new security and design solutions are being created for an application or website, and so are new solutions for hack and hack. For this reason, old applications and websites may be subject to frequent hacker attacks. Or new technology devices may no longer support old applications and websites. This is a disadvantage because a large number of users with new technology can no longer use our website or app. So it is best to have every app or website designed using the new technology. Zarvan Service Company uses new and updated needs in its projects


The Zarvan Service Company has tried to run its websites and online projects on various platforms. For this reason, when designing a website or online database, it also focuses on mobile and tablet versions. The websites we build are flexible, meaning they are clearly visible on mobile phones and tablets. Many customers and users nowadays use mobile and other smartphones and these users should pay attention.


We used our experienced design team and good design consultants to make the websites and apps we design the best of UI and UX. They are user-friendly. It is difficult to decide which colors to use to make a beauty look unique. But we have been trying to design the best color and structure using our experience with colors. A beautiful website can attract customers


An app that has complexity can cause huge problems for both the trainer and the person who wants to learn how to use it. Some apps aren't complexity with many features. And the user can learn the app easy. The reason is the good work of the programmer. It was the effort of the developer and the design team to come up with a user-friendly app. Zarvan Service Company focuses on user-friendly and understandable applications built by the company.

Process We Follow


Gathering Information

Gathering information before doing a project helps a lot in project success. Zarvan Service Company to complete all its projects successfully. It collects information on needs, what is essential for the project, best practices for the project, and so on.



This section discusses the project's needs from the time required to the task force between the team. The best comments are collected in the form of a regular plan. The plan determines when the project ends, what equipment is needed for the project,



At this stage, the client is shown a form of a terminated project that is executed within a computer program that is virtual. Then, depending on the customer's wishes, some parts of the project will be reduced or new steps added that are not major.


Content Writing and Assembly

in this step project is executed according to previously written plans. All graphic forms previously designed in the earlier stages are implemented at this stage and the project is implemented step by step. This step continues until the project is completed.


Testing, Review and Launch

At this stage, the completed project begins the testing phase of the program based on the information provided. Test part by part. Any part of the project that has difficulty or underperformance will be modified. This step continues until we are sure the project and system are working properly. After this stage, the project will be delivered to the client for use


Taking Care & Maintenance

This stage is for clients whose project needs sustained care. At this stage, we are recruiting dedicated staff to take care of specific projects. From changing and converting information to deleting and adding information to the system. Of course, the cost of this phase is separate from the project and is determined by the contract according to the contract time

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